I have had the privilege of presenting at numerous local, state, national and international conferences and workshops. I try to tailor my presentations to the groups I am working with and provide not only relevant educational research but more of a real life approach. My goal is to share from my own teaching and learning experiences that will hopefully spark discussions that will ultimately improve learning and teaching. I am always willing to share and work with groups of educators in an effort to build a strong community of learning dedicated to constant improvement of education.

I primarily use Prezi, PowerPoint and slideshare for my presentations and feel free to view/share/edit as you see fit for your own purposes. Here is the most recent keynote address I delivered at the Edscape Conference in October.

Some recent presentations and resources:

  • WEMTA Conference (Keynote Speaker, April 2016)
  • International Society of Technology Educators Conference - (Keynote Speaker - July 1st, 2015)
  • Engaged NWI Conference (Keynote speaker - June 17th, 2015)
  • Engage Illinois Leadership Conference (Keynote Speaker - July 23rd, 2015)
  • C4 Learning Conference (Spotlight Speaker - July 24th, 2015)
  • DeWitt High School Conference - Keynote Speaker, January 2015
  • Illinois Computing Educator Conference - February 2015 (various edtech topics)
  • Illinois Computing Educator Conference - February 2014 (various edtech topics)
  • Midwest Educational Technology Conference - Feature Speaker (various topics), February 2014
  • National Network of State Teacher of the Year Conference - Social Media Use, January 2014
  • Great Educators Conference, July 2013
  • Downer's Grove, IL Admin Retreat Keynote, August 2013
  • Downer's Grove, IL District 58 Institute Keynote, October 2013
  • Tech Academy Keynote and sessions, Arlington Heights, IL August 2013
  • 21st Century Educator (Sauk Valley Community College PD Keynote, April 2013)

Upcoming speaking engagements:

If you are interested in using any of my presentations or having me present any of these to your group please feel free to contact me. 

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