I have had the privilege of presenting at numerous local, state, national and international conferences and workshops. I try to tailor my presentations to the groups I am working with and provide not only relevant educational research but more of a real life approach. My goal is to share from my own teaching and learning experiences that will hopefully spark discussions that will ultimately improve learning and teaching. I am always willing to share and work with groups of educators in an effort to build a strong community of learning dedicated to constant improvement of education. Feel free to check out some comments on my work.
Below is a TEDx Talk I gave recently.

Below is a list of the keynote sessions and workshops that have put together and given. All of my sessions are tailored to each group I work with as I want the learning to be impactful to each group.

Revolutionary Teaching (Keynote or Workshop)
Overview: In this keynote,  the focus will be on raising questions, pushing beliefs, and challenging the status quo in an effort to create optimal learning environments relevant to our generation of learners. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of the work we do with children but also practical strategies to implement in schools and classrooms. In addition to the heavy doses of reality, there will be a fair amount of humor and fun. The principles shared will be based on the content within The New Teacher Revolution book.

Innovation Day (Keynote or Workshop)
Overview: In this keynote, the focus will be on innovative teaching practices and practical ways in which to implement them. Central to the presentation will be Innovation Day which is an activity created on the premise of autonomous learning. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of the theories behind Innovation Day, practical planning strategies but also impact on teaching and learning as a whole.

Student Centered Learning (Keynote or Workshop)
Overview: With technology being ever more present in our students’ learning experiences, how do we ensure they are driving their learning? This session will look at this shift in technology use and propose ways in which to keep student driven learning at the forefront.

Future Ready Library (Keynote and Workshop)
Overview: Libraries are the lifeblood of an innovative school. This session is showing how we shift from the traditional model of a school library and evolve into ones ready for the future. It's a future built on making, literacy, collaboration, and innovation.

Other session topics available for breakouts and workshops:

  • Coding
  • Social Media and Connected Educators
  • Student Motivation
  • Design Thinking

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