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This page will be a place where I can share some of the activities we are doing with our students in our Maker Lab. Some will be awesome, others will not. :) Feel free to use and modify to fit your needs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and I will do my best to help out.

Sphero Olympics

This was a crowd favorite. You can get a full break down of the events from the Sphero activity I shared within the Sphero ecosystem. One of the neat things we did was 3D printed some "2-man" bobsleds for the Spheros. You can get the STL files from Thingiverse.

Battle Bots Tournament

This was another great activity for the kids. There are a bunch of ways in which I have seen this done. One teacher had kids use plastic cups over the top of their Sphero and then attach a balloon on the back. The idea is for kids to try to pop their opponent's balloon. However, we had some latex allergy issues in our building so we went a different route. I gave each kid a red solo cup. They had to design and build "battle armor" out of that cup and anything they wanted. The one rule was that it had to be tippable. In other words, they had to create at least one side that was flat or else the battles would last forever. We then printed up some trophies on our 3D printer. We set up brackets in each grade level and then did a master battle with all the kids at once at the end. 

Keva Plank Challenges
Keva Planks are one of the most popular activities in our Maker Lab. They are not cheap but provide endless possibilities for building. If you check out the Keva site they have compiled a handful of great activities for kids to do. Sometimes kids just want to build really tall towers and crash them down which is just plain fun. :)

Makey Makey
This was a new tool to us as we just had never played around with it. I had a couple 8th grade boys who took them out and ran with them. They now come into the library almost every day during lunch to tinker around with them. The last day I walked in they were all sorts of random objects to create a video game controller as well as a piano. The website lays it out pretty simply for beginners and they are really easy to use. Essentially you create a bypass for various keys on your keyboard to interact with websites in a variety of ways. Scratch has a great variety of games you can play as well as the Makey Makey website. We want to eventually combine them with a Raspberry Pi unit to create an arcade console. Stay tuned...

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