New Teacher Revolution

I am really excited that very soon I can officially call myself an author as my first book is now released for pre-published purchase through Corwin Publishing. For those that have published a book, you know the process is daunting and liberating on so many levels. As an English teacher is was great to be able to share the writing and revising process with my students in an authentic way.

As for the book itself, it is a bit of a play on words as the titles is “The New Teacher Revolution: Changing Education for a New Generation of Learners”. While many would think it is simply a book for new teachers, it is for all teachers wanting to look at teaching in a new way. If you want to get yourself an early copy be sure to check it out here. Below is the blurb from the Corwin Website about the book.

For 21st Century Educators – The New Rules Of Student Engagement
 It’s time to throw out the old rulebook. Today’s classroom demands teacher innovation, embracing of new technology, and rejection of outdated practices, especially when someone tells you it’s “always been done” a certain way.
 Meet Josh Stumpenhorst, former Illinois Teacher of the Year. Stumpenhorst’s orthodoxy-challenging methods have produced outstanding student outcomes, and in these pages he details how to maximize teacher effectiveness by thinking outside the box:

  • Build student relationships on trust and respect rather than fear and punishment. 
  • Rethink homework and letter grades, which—in their current forms—are harming learning. 
  • Leverage technology by not treating it as a “shiny toy”, but rather understand its power as a tool for rapid progress. Educators who welcome large-scale change are about to pull ahead of those who don’t.
"Josh Stumpenhorst is an all-star teacher. And the advice he provides for his colleagues comes from his own authentic experience in the classroom and from a place of deep respect for students and learning. For new teachers in search of mentoring, this book is the place to start.”
- Daniel H. Pink, Author
 "The dynamic changes in society have fundamentally altered our learners, resulting in a system that no longer meets their needs. Josh Stumpenhorst not only provides a plan to right the ship, but backs it up by including numerous strategies that have been successfully implemented."
-Eric Sheninger, Author and Award-Winning Principal
 “Josh clarifies the goals most salient to the teaching profession, while providing solutions to entrenched challenges. Any teacher, new or veteran, will rethink their classroom after reading this book.”
-Angela Maiers, Educator and Author

I am incredibly hopeful readers will find the book useful in sparking conversations about the work we do as teachers, parents, administrators and all those who work in behalf of students.