Parent Blogger Obligation

This week I attended my oldest son’s parent preview night at school. It was a great chance to let my son meet his teacher in person as well as tour his new school. As we walked through the halls locating the gym, the classroom and the bathrooms, I could see the anxiety and excitement in my son’s eyes. While talking with his soon to be 1st grade teacher she told my son Tanner that she was using a Super Hero theme in the classroom this coming year. Obviously, this was good news to me and I even sent the following tweet out.

A friend/colleague on twitter made a comment about how “lucky” this teacher was to have me live tweeting the preview night. I didn't think much of my tweet but have since starting wondering about where that line is between being a blogger/tweeter and a parent. Yes, I open the doors to my classroom and share it with the world as often as I can. However, what is my responsibility to open the doors of my children’s classrooms? Do I have a right to share what is happening to them at the expense it may celebrate or condemn things a teacher is doing they might not want to be shared?

As a blogger, do I need to be mindful of what I am sharing from my experiences as a parent? On one hand I see the need to share these stories so others can learn from them. My intent would never be to embarrass or publicly shame a teacher. However, if there are “bad” things happening, should I share in order for others to hopefully learn from my experiences? Do I have that right? If we don’t share these moments from the parental standpoint are we neglecting a great opportunity to learn and grow? I am honestly not sure what the answer is and am wondering if any of my readers have been in similar situations. 
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