Twas The Night Before Testing...

Twas the day before testing, when all through the school
Not a student was learning, not even the fool.
The pencils were sharpened and laid out with care,
In hopes that learning soon would be shown there.

The children were crowded all cramped in their seats,
While visions of bubbled answers danced on the sheets.
And teacher in their desk, and student their chair,
Both settled their brains for a long blank stare.

When out in the hall arose such a noise,
Students sprang from desks, the girls and the boys.
Away to the door they flew in a flash,
Tore down the testing sign and left in a crash.

The hallway lit with the glimmer of neon light,
And students called back to seats with fright.
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But endless questions and answers to fear.

With children back in their seats,
They settled for testing feats.
More quickly than lightning, directions were read,
As teachers spewed and spit words of dread.

“Now fill in the bubbles with pencil number two!
Use your time wisely for the minutes will be few.
Do your best and show what you got,
There may be pressure but perform on the spot."

Kids said not a word but tried their best,
And worked continuously without rest.
Some were finished and some were not,
Regardless all were done when clock hit the spot.

Kids sprang to the door and down the halls,
Answering their texts and taking their calls.
Teachers collected the tests in a nice neat pile,
Brought them to the office, heels clicking on the tile.

As all tests were collected and locked up so neat,
Teachers and students both happy it complete.
A day without these tests both are yearning,
They wish to say, “it’s about the learning.”

Happy Testing to All and To All a Good Score!
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