Holiday Break Sucks

Christmas Break.
Holiday Break.
Winter Break.

In the immortal words of New Kids on the Block, “call it what you want”. Bottom line is many of us look forward to the time of year when we get a bit of time off to relax, recharge and spend time with loved ones. However, it is at this time of year I am always reminded how much these break suck for many of our students. I can name a handful of my students who are dreading the upcoming time away from classes and their behavior is a clear indicator of this fact. Is this because my class is that awesome? Not a chance! Do these kids love homework and extra credit projects? Not even close! These particular students simply have nothing at home worth looking forward to. 
  • Many will be heading to a break filled with fighting, yelling, and domestic unrest.
  • Some will attempt to hide in a home where divorce has wrecked their “normal” lives.
  • Increasing numbers of students will experience less than bountiful loot left from Santa under the tree.
  • Some students will spend their breaks parenting siblings while their parents work.
  • Others will be working themselves to help support their families.
  • A few of your students might not get to read a book because they have none of their own.
  • Many will head to homes not able to pay the heating or electric bills.
  • Some may not even have homes to go home to.

We often take for granted these breaks and cannot possibly imagine why anyone would fear them. For those about to head on break, remember when those students start acting out there might be a reason behind it. They might be afraid of leaving the safe, calm, and loving environment that is school. Many students view schools as their safe haven and impending breaks from school are scary and potentially anxious times in their lives.
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