Celebrate the Small Things

Simple post with a simple idea…celebrate the small things in life and in school. Below is a video of my youngest son demonstrating how he can now zip his coat on his own. They make a big deal about this at his preschool as kids join the official “Zipper Club” after being able to zip their own coats. While this may seem like an insignificant pursuit to most of us, you can certainly see the pride on my son’s face when he gets it done.

How often are we celebrating the small things in our classrooms? Are we taking time to give a student a pat on the pack and tell them we are proud of their work or some seemingly insignificant action? I am not asking for handing out awards but simply celebrating and acknowledging good things kids are doing. 

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Chris Wejr (mrwejr) said...

Cannot help but smile at this, Josh. I know how we are supposed to praise effort but whenever my girls reach new milestones, I just have no choice but to just smile and cheer. These are the moments. Thanks for sharing. :-)