Why I Write

Writing has always been a part of my life. Since I was young, I always enjoyed playing with words and using them to illustrate a point or tell a story. I still have notebooks filled with thoughts, ideas, and poems from my adolescent years. If nothing else, they provide a glimpse into my mind at different periods in my life. I change and so too does my writing. This blog and the writing I have done on it, has changed the way I teach more than anything in my career. It holds me accountable for my words and actions while providing me an outlet for my ideas. The simple act of writing something and clicking “post” is really profound. By doing that I am sharing my thoughts, ideas, and in some case my very being with the world. Some people will hate it, some people will love it and in both cases I am better because of it.

My beliefs and opinions are constantly challenged and therefore always evolving. However, even as those thoughts change, the reasons behind my writing stay the same. 

  • I write because I want to challenge and be challenged.
  • I write to reflect on what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and what I will do.
  • I write in hopes to express ideas that don’t make sense until I put them in writing.
  • I write to share my ideas in hopes it might help someone else.
  • I write on behalf of those who can or will not write for themselves.
  • I write to hold myself accountable for my thoughts and actions.
  • Mostly importantly…I write because I enjoy it.

Why do you write? If you don’t, what is holding you back? 
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