#collaboreyes Project

Yes, you heard correctly, the shades project lives on. Thanks to the generosity and collaboration of some great folks at Collaborize Classroom we will be introducing the #collaboreyes project formerly known as #googleshades. The goal of the project will remain the same in that we want to see the world through the eyes of the kids living in it. The shades or sunglasses will be our “prop” as well and we are working on finalizing what they will look like. As this appears to be a reality now, I have attempted to formalize the goal and outcomes of this project a bit more.

Goal: Connect kids around the world through the power of storytelling and images.

Task: Send one pair of #collaboreyes shades to a willing classroom. Teacher sends home shades with a student to take a picture in a significant or unique place. The picture should include not only the place but also the student wearing their #collaboreyes shades. Student returns with picture and writes a short paragraph about their location and why they chose it. Pictures and write-ups will then be uploaded to a website (site to be determined) that will house pictures and stories from around the world. For some examples please check out the original blog started for the #googleshades project. 

Outcome: A collection of stories and pictures from around the world with insight and perspective far beyond the reaches of a textbook. It will essentially be a network of connected classrooms and kids collaborating to learn more about themselves and each other.

If you would like to get on our already growing list of classrooms interested in participating in this global collaboration project please fill out the PARTICIPATION FORM. If you had already filled in the form for the Google Shades project that data was transferred over so you need not fill it out again. We will tweet, email, and blog about our progress as we…well progress. If you have any questions drop us an email at collaboreyes@gmail.com
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