ISTE Unplugged 2011

I just finished presenting at ISTE Unplugged at the ISTE conference in Philadelphia. As promised, here is the prezi and don't hesitate to shoot me any questions!


JDS said...

Very cool Josh. Hope the conference is going well.

Jesse Bisceglia said...

I walked by and had to stop and listen! I enjoyed this presentation very much. I was thinking about writing up a blog about use of video in the classroom. Would you mind if I referenced you and your presentation? Along with a link to your bolg, I'd love to include a link to one or two of the student videos you showed- if that would be ok. Thanks and again, well done.

Josh Stumpenhorst said...


Feel free to write about it and link whatever you need. If you think of it send me a link to your post when you are done.


Jesse Bisceglia said...

I will probably be writing on some other topics first. I only post on Thursdays, so it might be a while but I will most definitely notify you when I do this. For the record it will be here

Abbe said...

Your ISTE presentation was great! I stopped by with my administrators- we were all really impressed! thank you for sharing what you are doing with your students- it's awesome! I'm looking forward to checking out some of the tools that you shared.