ISTE Flash Mob

Here is the unofficially official ISTE Flash Mob video from this past week’s conference held in the front lobby of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. A huge thank you goes out to all that participated in this fun event. Special notice to Tim Gwynn and Michelle Baldwin for organizing it and jumping through a series of hoops to make it happen. Thanks to Ellie Gibbard from the Pennsylvania Convention Center for her support as well. In addition, thanks to John Jacobson of Double Dream Hands for his support and choreography and Cory Plough for some of the video footage. Also, thank you to Kristina Peters for being in the front row with Michelle and leading the crew!

Now many people tweeted about the ridiculousness of such an event taking place at the conference. They could not understand why anyone would be interested in such a venture and tweeted and spoke out about it. It’s funny because I remember hearing similar negativity when I took on the Lip Dub at my school this past spring. Some people just don’t get it. They don’t get why people would want to work together to do something fun. They don’t get the feeling of being part of something spontaneous and did I mention fun. They don’t get the sense of community and companionship that is the root of what makes us human. They don’t get that we will remember that moment with fondness for years to come. The don’t get that we share these moments and they are what binds us together and allows us to work together on a deeper and more meaningful level.

I encourage any of my readers to do a Lip Dub or a Flash Mob with your staff or your students. I guarantee it will be a memorable occasion and bring you all together with a deeper sense of community…and it will be fun!

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