You've Got A Friend In Me

You’ve Got a Friend in Me is the song we choose for our little lip dub project. Yes, it was a fun project and I had a blast putting it together. However, I think symbolically it means a whole lot more. It is just a small symbol of the connections we have created and fostered through our Professional Learning Network on Twitter. I have only been active on Twitter since October of 2010 and in that time met some truly amazing and inspiring people. Some of these very people were involved in our little PLN Lip Dub project and I consider some of them my friends.

Some people see Twitter and other social media outlets as a waste of time and don’t “get it”. I will say very openly and honestly, Twitter has been the single greatest influence in my teaching career. I have learned more and connected more in these few short weeks than the previous eight years of teaching. The experiences I have had and the people I have met through Twitter is something I could never have hoped to accomplish without it. The song we choose was You’ve Got a Friend in Me, and I think it really says it all. Many of the people in our extended PLN’s are people we have never actually met face to face. Yet, we share with them our latest and greatest resources and even pieces of our personal life. If friends are people that are there for each other and lend a helping hand, then yes, Twitter does help create friends. And you’ve got a friend in me…


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