Our Epic Lip Dub

Today by the numbers…

2 months of planning
1 computer club with 7 rockstars
688 middle school students
72 posters
1 song
2 takes
1 memorable experience 

A few months ago I watched the Magnolia High School lip dub on youtube and was mesmerized by it. I wanted to bring our school together as they had for a common goal. I showed it to the computer club I supervise and they instantly wanted to do it. That was roughly two months ago. Over the past two months we planned and planned and planned for what came to fruition today. It was one of those moments that will live on far after these students leave our school.

I was stressed out to the max planning all the little details of this day, but seeing the final product was totally worth it. Is this the best lip dub out there? Not even close. Could it have been done better? Most certainly, yes. However, if you teach in a middle school you know how hard it is to get a class of 30 kids to do one thing together. This project involved 688 students in grades 6-8. Over 90% of these students were told this morning where they would be and what they would be doing. Again, is the final product perfect? Nope, but I am still incredibly proud of our students and the incredible group of teachers that helped make this day possible.

When all is said and done, this is one of those moments that these kids will remember forever. They will not remember the lesson I gave on Neanderthal men in twenty years, but I am sure they will remember today. It is one of those moments where the school came together as one for a common goal and the result was inspiring if nothing else.

(For the record, I did not post this video on youtube. It was posted by one of the many students that had copies of the video)


jsb16 said...

Those are incredible advertisements for the clubs at both schools.

muellerspace said...

Wow, that is fantastic! Cool to see the school I went to come together like that. I like how you had the different groups doing their own thing. Volleyball and football really stick out in my mind.

Denise said...

This was a fantastic effort and a great way to get future students excited about the Lincoln experience. I can only imagine how much time you spent to help put it together. Absolutely incredible!

Mrs. Sheldon said...

What an inspiring video! I also can't imagine the planning and collaboration this must have taken to put together. What a great representation of your school and the talented students!

Mrs. Sheldon said...
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Ms A said...

Josh -- It's amazing what a passionate teacher (or teachers) can accomplish. What an incredible memory and experience for your kids to carry and have.

I don't think it could have been done any better -- the enthusiasm, excitement and genuine smiles more than make up for any minor glitches (that only you and your crew know exist) that might be there.

Congratulations and bravo!

Norm said...

Josh and the Computer Club
What a great idea and activity. You really showed what kind of spirit you have at your school - and the collaboration was obvious and meaningful.
Congratulations! and thanks for sharing.