Nosy Crow - Three Little Pigs

I have two small boys that terrorize my house on a daily basis. Among the many interests they have, they love reading. This past fall I joined the cult and bought my wife an ipad for her birthday. While she uses it occasionally, my sons use it on a very regular basis and reading is one of their favorite activities. My three year old son loves the book apps that read to him and have great pictures. My five year old son also likes the ones he can “touch” and shows him words that he can read along with.

Recently, I was given a copy of The Three Little Pigs book app from Nosy Crow to try out. Here is a short clip of my three year old son playing around with this book app.

This app is similar to most of the children’s book apps. However, this particular book had a few features that I and my sons especially liked:
  • It has a “read to me” option that will read the book aloud (in a sweet British accent)
  • It has a 3D interface where if you move the ipad it changes the perspective and angle of the images.
  • If you “touch” the characters they jump, move and talk, which my three year old loved.

My son’s truly enjoyed reading this book and is one of their new favorites. I look forward to downloading more of these interactive children’s book to enjoy with my boys. 

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