Parents in the Classroom

Last night I spent the evening in my son’s preschool reading books with him and his friends for literacy night. This was the eighth time this school year that either my wife and/or I have been in my son’s school interacting with teachers, students, parents and the principal. Four of these times were for “parents in the classroom”, where parents spend the day with their kids in class.

To me this is pretty amazing as I reflect on my own school. Over the course of a school year I am required to hold two parent teacher conferences, one open house, and one parent orientation. That is four times a year where parents have an opportunity to be at school. There is no occasions where parents are in our classrooms participating in learning activities at the level I have been involved in with my son’s preschool.

Last year I did a read aloud activity with my class and invited parents to join us. It was a great experience as parents got to interact with their child, with me, and with other parents. I am planning on doing this again in the spring as it was a great way to bring the parents into my classroom.

As a parent, I love being in my son’s school and being with him and his classmates. I know as a teacher I need to provide more opportunities for parents to be involved in my own classroom. Looking at the activities in my classroom, I need to find a way to bring parents in more often to be involved in their children’s learning.

I would love to hear what other schools and classes are doing to bring parents in on a more regular basis. Parents a key part to the success of a student and we can always be doing more to bring them in.

What are you doing to bring parents in?
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