Student Projects

I wanted to step off the soap-box for a few moments to share some student work that will hopefully generate some ideas for those of you returning to work after your holiday break. All of these are my students and work they did for my classes.

The first video was created by a student as part of a special feature we did for our incoming 5th grade students. One of the most difficult thing for incoming 6th graders is the combination locks on their lockers. So, one of my computer club students made this at home and we used it in our orientation video.

This next video was done by a student in place of a book report in my Language Arts class. The students had to do a review of a biography and present it in any format or manner they wanted to. This student chose a stop-motion style video to share the major plot of his story.

Another video worth sharing was done by a student in my Social Science class. He chose to create a small video about King John and the creation of the Magna Carta. While this is very short, for a 6th grade student, he understand the basic concepts behind the creation of this important document.

The final video is one that have numerous examples of. In my Language Arts classes we do vocabulary activities and one of the things students often choose to do is to create a video with their word(s). This was done by a few students with one of their words.

All of these examples were done by 6th grade students as part of an assignment in which I gave them choice in the product they created. I always tell them where they need to go, but never how to get there...

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