Letter to Teachers

A few have emailed me or messaged me and asked how I introduced Twitter to my fellow teachers in my building. It all started with the following email earlier this past week. There was a lot more interest that I had anticipated which was great. I got clearance from my principal to have a session at our institute on Friday and was luckily able to get the district to unblock Twitter.com at our school. I then hoped on Twitter and grabbed some resources to share as well used my own Twitter Tutorial. In the actual session I started by getting everyone signed up and then installing TweetDeck. From there I let them try some things out and will probably have a follow up session in the future.

Good Afternoon,

Some of you might have heard that I recently signed up for a Twitter account. If you are like me when I first heard of Twitter you are thinking that it is something that Kim Kardashian and Labron James use to “tweet” ridiculous details of their lives. While that is true, it is also a place that thousands of teachers across the world are sharing ideas, resources, and having professional dialogue. I have sent some of you links to resources that I have picked up through Twitter and wanted to offer you an opportunity to learn more if you are interested. If you are interested in learning more about how this great tool works please email me and I am planning on arranging a help session to show folks how to get started.

This is not just a “techie” thing or something that is just for core subject areas. There is something for everyone in a school from foreign language and math to counseling and PE. Here is a recent post on my blog where I list some great resources that apply to all. If you are interested or have any further questions please let me know! http://stumpteacher.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-takeaways-from-holiday-break-2010.html  



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