If you give your students a voice...

The inspiration for this short post was from reading If Your Give a Mouse a Cookie with my son's for their bedtime story. It is a great book that my boys love and just got my wheels spinning just a bit...

If you give your students a voice they will ask for choice in their learning

If you give your students choice they will want you to guide them.

If you guide their work they will ask for more resources.

If you give them more resources they will demand technology.

If you give them technology they will demand that you learn how to use it.

If you learn how to use the technology you will want students to use it more often.

If you let your students use technology more often they will want more time to work.

If you give them more time to work they will produce higher quality products.

If they produce higher quality products they will ask for a higher grade.

If you give them a higher grade it will not motivate them to do the work better.

If you are not motivating with grades you will stop grading work.

If you stop grading work the students will still learn.

If the students are still learning then you are a great teacher.

And if you are a great teacher you will give your students a voice.

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MB said...

I used that same book for a project in my geometry class! Amazing how children's books can cause moments of genius :)