This is one of many little "commercials" I do with my Social Science class. I find it easier to have students retain knowledge when they "do" something with it. I typically do them at the end of a chapter to review what they know. This particular one was an advertisement format for a product or innovation in history. This was taped in front of a big piece of green construction paper and then chromo-keyed out in Pinnacle, but could be done in a whole host of programs out there.

Science Videos

I am not a science teacher, nor do I play one on television. However, I was passed this website from a fellow "tweeter" and thought it worth sharing. It appears to have short videos clips for all the elements on the periodic table. I have not played with it enough to see if you can pull the videos off the site. They look to be through youtube so you could grab them from there using a downloader. Personally, I like using  Enjoy!

News Show Broadcast

I have attached a sample news show broadcast that my students and I did. As part of a computer club that I supervise, we create a bi-weekly news program that is broadcast to the entire school. We use a huge green screen in my classroom for most of the news desk footage. I started out a few years back with a simple piece of green construction paper and have evolved since then. We use a sony handycam for the recording and import it into Pinnacle on our PC to do the editing. The book trailer was done by a student using imovie on his personal mac. I muted certain sections to avoid using names and cut some other sections out for reasons to avoid sharing student names that were in the broadcast. Enjoy!