Art Teacher... read on...

I have two websites to share will all those art teachers and wanna be artists out there. We all know how useful it is have students draw and illustrate in our content areas. The first resource is which is a drawing site where you can literally draw on the computer using either a mouse or some sort of a tablet pen. You can email your pictures as well as invite others to work on the same picture. When you invite a friend to work on your picture with you, two pens will appear and both can draw on the picture simultaneously.

The other site is and it is similar to the previous site but with more bells and whistles. You can create a sketch as with the previous site, but you have more options in terms of colors and drawing medium. Another unique feature is that you can view sketches already created by different users. When you view the sketches, you not only get to see the picture but you will see a video of the actually drawing being drawn. This would be a great modeling tool in an art class to see how the artists actually created their sketches one mouse stroke at a time.