Reflections on IETC 2010

This year I was only down in Springfield for the final day of IETC and saw some great presentations. I wanted to share some of the information that I saw and pass along the knowledge. First of all, those that stopped by and saw my presentation of Movie Magic click this link to get the file download for the blue screen transition for Movie Maker. Just take the file and copy it into the Movie Maker folder and into a self created folder titled "shared files".

A few things to share for those that were not here...not all of these are brand new ideas but a good refresher for some of us:

A great little session on creating Book Trailers in your Language Arts classroom. Link to presentation below. My students are currently working on these so I look forward to using some of these techniques to fine tune my own work.

Was thoroughly impressed with Noah Phipps and his presentation on transitions. He has created musical transitions complete with prompts to help his students reflect on their work and provide closure to activities. This guys is truly talented! Check out his site and click the "podcast" link on the top for some great work

Attended a session focused on using web 2.0 tools in a Social Science classroom. Check out the site below and view the links on the left. Some new ones that I was not in tuned with.

Thanks for all the sharing and great presentations!

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Sarah said...

I attended your presentation this morning and loved it! I'll be checking in to your blog to see your students' current projects. Thank you for sharing all that you're doing!