The Journey of SBG

Recently I posted about standards based grading and a few questions were asked of me via Twitter and email. I put together a brief video exaplaining my "journey" with standards based grading in my own classes. In the video I stress that I am not an expert, just a teacher trying to find a better way to grade student's learning as well as a better way of reporting student progress. This is still a work in progress and I welcome comments and questions!


Chelsie Meyer said...

I have heard a little about SBG and it sounded appealing! It makes sense that a student's grade reflects what they know. Completing things on time is often tied with grades, as you said 50% if late. Then the student might know the material but received a "F"...thanks for the video! Helped to make SBG a bit clearer for this Novice. I'm learning.

Kristen Beck said...

I know it has been a while since you posted this, but I have made standards based grading a mission for myself and I am planning on doing everything I can to share information with my staff. I will be using your presentation as part of the materials gathering and sharing.

I learn so much from following you on twitter and reading your blog.
Thank you for teaching me!!

bmccloskey said...

I have found that it hasn't been that big of a shift because I have found that my rubrics lend themselves nicely to standards based grading. The key is alignment: making sure your assessments align with the standards and having well formed rubrics that measure development towards those standards based assessments. There is a lot of research on the idea of "backwards design" where you start with the standards or "big ideas" and working backwards from there. This is how I've shifted my curriculum and it lends itself nicely to standards-based grading.