Jedi Power!

At my school, like many, we have a character education program aimed at building positive character traits in our students. Ours is called P.R.I.D.E. and each letter stands for a different quality we look for in our students. Throughout the school year we do various activities to help students recognize the qualities in themselves and others. We also try to help them realize the benefits of having "PRIDE" and how it can ultimately make you a better person. The computer club that I supervise has been doing some ad campaigns for PRIDE by creating commercials that air on our school video news broadcast. Currently we are mimicking the GEICO commercials. With a little help from a green screen and some creativity, the results have been great. This one is the latest one that they wanted to do that included me. While I am not normally included in the news show programs, I couldn't resist when they asked me to be a Jedi! Again, the power of digital media to engage an audience (students!) is once again proven.

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