Cure for the Disease that is PowerPoint

For those of you have officially seen too many PowerPoint presentations from a colleague or a student... or your self, there is help out there! There is no disputing that PowerPoint is the most used and viewed presentation software out there, but if you are like me, you want something different. The Microsoft Labs created a software add on called PPTPlex to help revamp the program but it did not work and they gave up on the project. So, that left me to search for something a little more interactive and not so linear in it's format.

One that I started using at the end of this past school year was prezi, which was passed on by a colleague of mine. You can sign up and use it for free at There are advanced versions that do come with the price, but the basic version is free and easy to use. To be the best features of this program is that it is not linear like PowerPoint and is more aesthetically  pleasing for your audience. On the site there are some great sample presentations created that can give you a great idea of what it possible with this program.

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